September 2020 Newsletter | Membership

We would like to welcome those who have decided to test the call to AFC Membership at the Discernment Cooperator Level:

Michael and Laura Kloess

John Lapkowicz

David and Jill Yanke

Daryl Blatnick

Dr. Jeffrey & Mary Starre

We wish them many blessings as they begin to learn more about the AFC way of life!

We also congratulate John and Elda Cox on their advancement to Second Degree Membership, which is the final level of discernment and preparation for a life commitment. Thank you for continuing to unite yourselves to our mission!

Life Member Anniversaries

Congratulations and blessings upon all those celebrating anniversaries of their Life Commitments to the Apostolate for Family Consecration during the month of September!

Catholic Corps Women

Catherine Wall                           9/08/2000

Renee Scheu                             9/08/2013

Catholic Corps Men

Greg Becker                               9/14/2002

Disciple Life Members

Allyson and Lance Docken         9/26/2012

Galina and Eugene Subachev    9/08/2019

Alice and Chuck Hunt                 9/29/2019

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