Our History

Our ministry was founded in 1975 by Jerry and Servant of God Gwen Coniker, parents of thirteen. As they raised their children, the Conikers looked for support in the Faith, but found little to help them live a holy Catholic family life. Through their experience, the Conikers recognized a call from God to support other Catholic families to grow in holiness, so they started the Apostolate for Family Consecration (AFC).

This Mission Began

with an Ordinary Family

Gwen and Jerry ConikerGwen Coniker holding her babyJerry Coniker and his young children gathered around the piano; the lived Coniker family's Catholic faith is an example for us all.

  • Like many Catholic parents,

    Jerry and Gwen Coniker desired to raise their children with strong values and solid faith. Yet, even though God was a part of their life, they failed to make Him the true center.

  • After a tragedy

    that deeply shook the Coniker family, especially Gwen, some friends invited them to make a Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. It was only then that the Conikers began to understand the importance of a family life rooted in Christ and started to pray the daily Rosary as a family.

  • As Christian values in society continued to decline,

    Jerry and Gwen also realized that the battle against sin was not political, but spiritual.

  • The Conikers thought

    they could protect their family from the spreading moral decay by moving to Fatima, Portugal, where the Blessed Mother had appeared in 1917.

  • But after two years in Fatima,

    it was clear that God was calling Jerry and Gwen to return to the United States to begin sharing Our Lady’s call to prayer, reparation, and holiness of life with other families.

  • Inspired by the message of Fatima

    and seeking a way to strengthen and encourage Catholic families—including their own—to live and grow in the Faith, the Conikers began to ask for God’s guidance.

  • In 1975, after much prayer,

    the Conikers founded the Apostolate for Family Consecration®.

  • During the ministry’s founding years,

    Jerry and Gwen had sixteen personal encounters with Pope St. John Paul II and, with God’s help, established five international mission centers and a worldwide television network.

  • Today we have refocused our efforts.

    We provide God-centered Catholic family events, resources and support to lead families into consecration as a way of life.