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Experience God’s peace through the intercession of the Holy Family. The Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site invites families, groups, and individuals of all ages to come and experience God’s grace and peace through the intercession of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

A Place Set Apart

For God & Family
Located on the grounds of a former seminary in the rolling hills of southeastern Ohio, the outdoor prayer site and its beautiful natural surroundings create a quiet atmosphere for prayer and reflection in a place set apart for God and families. A statue of the Holy Family, the focal point of the prayer site, reminds pilgrims of the powerful intercession of the Holy Family in the daily journey of life. It’s the perfect place to lift up your mind and heart to God!

See the Progress

Phase 1 Construction
The first phase of construction on the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site is progressing quickly, and we invite you to take a look at what has happened so far by watching the video below.

Join This Spiritual Union

Spread the Message of Fatima
Whether or not you are able to visit the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site, you can respond to Mary’s call to holiness by turning away from sin, praying the Rosary, and deeply living your baptismal consecration. It is a message for everyone, and it remains relevant, especially in today’s world.

Please join us in spreading this great message to many more pilgrims who will come to the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site.
“If you do what I tell you, many souls will be saved, and there will be peace” Our Lady of Fatima told the three shepherd children.

Her promise extends to us today.

By sharing the Blessed Mother’s call to repentance and prayer with those who have not yet heard it, together we can help bring about that promised peace.


Be Part of the Foundation
You can become a part of the foundation and continued expansion of this place of prayer by dedicating a commemorative plaque or brick to be displayed here. These memorial gifts are a beautiful way to remember a loved one, living or deceased, or to forever unite your own family with this place of prayer. Once the plaques and bricks are installed, the names memorialized here will become a visual reminder of the Body of Christ and be remembered in prayer by all visiting pilgrims.

Together, we can inspire countless souls to consecrate themselves to the Holy Family and live the Fatima message in their daily lives.

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