A Pilgrimage Destination

for Families

Can’t take your family to Fatima?

Take a pilgrimage closer to home instead. At the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site, your family can pray together, explore the Fatima message, and discover the incredible power of consecration to the Holy Family.

Urgently Calling New Generations

to Live the Fatima Message

Now more than ever, the Fatima message calls us to conversion, prayer, and penance. This plea from Heaven also:

    • Emphasizes our free will to choose good or evil
    • Promises a worldwide era of peace if enough souls will return to God
    • Highlights the need for faithful families in today’s world

    Following the October apparition, about 70,000 people witnessed the Miracle of the Sun, the sign promised by Our Lady to confirm her requests. The great extent of this miracle stresses that we cannot ignore the Fatima message!

    On your pilgrimage to the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site, you’ll discover how you can answer our Blessed Mother’s call today.

    Why the Holy Family of Fatima?

    The Holy Family is the perfect model for family life. That’s why we’ve created this holy place where families can pray together and entrust themselves to the Holy Family.

    Did you know that the Holy Family appeared at Fatima?

    During the Miracle of the Sun, the children of Fatima saw a vision of St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus, with Mary by his side. The sixteen-foot marble statue at the center of the prayer site depicts the vision of Holy Family from that incredible day more than a hundred years ago.

    Based on a Painting Approved by Sr. Lucia

    Originally, artwork for the statue came from a painting of the Holy Family of Fatima, commissioned by AFC founder Jerome Coniker. He received special permission from the Vatican to personally show the painting to Sr. Lucia, the last surviving visionary. When Sr. Lucia saw the painting she said, “It’s the best any human being could do.”

    When you visit the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site, take some time to pray before this image that brings the vision to life.


    Places of Prayer

    In & Around the Prayer Site
    • Visitation Gardens

      As you journey up the hill from the parking lot, pause and reflect on each of the Fatima apparitions in these beautiful gardens.

    • Cova da Iria Garden

      This garden, named after the valley where Mary appeared, features a replica of the wooden arch built on the apparition site.

    • Capelinha & Penance Trail

      Walk the short penance trail to the capelinha (little chapel) on your knees in reparation for sins or for a special intention.

    • Rosary Walk

      Pray a Rosary, like Our Lady of Fatima asked, as you walk around the main plaza of the prayer site. Each section of the plaza represents a set of mysteries.

    • St. John Vianney Chapel & Welcome Center

      Pay a visit to Jesus in the Eucharist and check out a collection of more than seventy relics. The attached welcome center has public restrooms available for your use.

    • Crypt of AFC Founders Jerry & Gwen Coniker

      Jerry and Gwen Coniker—parents of 13, grandparents of 75, and founders of the AFC—are buried in St. John Vianney Chapel. In 2007, Gwen was declared a Servant of God.

    • Outdoor Stations of the Cross

      Meditate on Christ’s passion as you walk these outdoor Stations of the Cross. Or pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with us at 3:00 p.m. every day.

    • Rosarium Gardens

      Rest and pray in the shade of this unique gazebo, which was handcrafted by a local artist to beautify our grounds.

    • Tomb of the Unborn Child

      Part of the Rosarium Gardens, this memorial commemorates the millions of babies who have died through abortion.

    • Queen of All Saints Cemetery

      While you’re here, you can enjoy a peaceful walk through Queen of All Saints Cemetery, where three AFC Members are buried.

    • Immaculate Conception Shrine

      Reflect on the mystery of the Immaculate Conception at this wayside shrine dedicated to the patroness of our country.

    • Sacred Heart Chapel

      If you are feeling adventurous, head across the street from the prayer site to visit Sacred Heart Chapel, located inside one of our office buildings.

    • Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

      Spend some time with our Blessed Mother at this peaceful grotto, located across the street from the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site.

    Memorials at the Prayer Site

    Visible & Lasting Signs of Faith

    Memorial bricks and plaques placed throughout the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site honor those who have financially supported the site and the AFC’s ministry.

    Visible and lasting signs of faith, these personalized memorials help to pass on the Fatima message to future generations.

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    The Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site is located at Catholic Familyland®—a place set apart for families—in Bloomingdale, OH.

    Catholic Familyland 3375 County Rd. 36 Bloomingdale, OH 43910

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