Why Be an Ambassador?

Reach Families & Change Hearts

Families matter. It is within the family that the human person receives the gift of faith and comes to know God. But in today’s society, families are under attack. Souls are at stake. Catholic families need support to live their faith—now more than ever.

You can join the AFC’s mission to support families in the Faith and change hearts through the message of Family Consecration. It’s so easy. Just invite one family (or a few) to come to an AFC event with you next year. That’s it! 

Can you help us reach a record number of families with the message of Family Consecration in 2020? We can’t do it without you.

To get started, check out the materials and helpful hints below.


Totus Tuus Family Conference℠

Help Families Encounter Christ

Put an Ad in the Bulletin

  1. Go to your parish website.
  2. Find out where to email a bulletin announcement.
  3. Send the email we already wrote for you. (Don’t forget to add the parish contact name and your name.)
Download Email

Invite Your Friends

  1. Download and print the flyer.
  2. Give it to your friends, family members, or families in your parish who might be interested.
  3. Ask if they want to come with you. (Be sure to tell them the dates!)
Download Flyer

Share on Social Media

  1. Write a short testimony about your experience at an AFC event.
  2. Post it on your social media accounts, along with the video (below) or a photo.
  3. Tag the AFC in your post.
Click for Video

Tell Your Parish

  1. Ask your pastor if you can give a short announcement at your parish.
  2. Share how your family has been impacted by an AFC event.
  3. Pass out flyers after Mass or another parish event.
Download Flyer

Other Events

Faith Comes Alive

AFC Events 2021 Flyer

Want to spread the word for events in 2021? 
Print out the flyer and give one to everyone!

Download All Event Flyer
Download Holy Family Fest Flyer

Helpful Hints

Sharing Your Experience Is Easy

Reach out on purpose:

You can invite friends, family members, or members of your parish or social group. Is there someone you wish could have been with you at an AFC event? Do you know anyone who needs encouragement in their faith journey? These would be great people to invite.

Tell about your experience:

Share what was meaningful to you when you attended an AFC event. There are no wrong answers here! When it comes to matters of the Faith, sharing your personal witness is one of the best ways to reach out to others.

Show pictures or videos:

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” If you have photos or videos from your time at Catholic Familyland®, show them! Pictures and videos can spark stories that give people a better feel for what they can expect at an AFC event.

Follow up later:

After you invite someone to an AFC event, check back in to see if they’ve thought about it more. Let them know when you’ve registered and see if they are ready to register too. 

How to Introduce the AFC

A Mission to Consecrate Families

Our mission is to support Catholic families to grow in holiness, grow in truth, and grow together in Christ by sharing the message of Family Consecration to the Holy Family with them. We accomplish our mission by providing families with God-centered events to form and encourage them in our Catholic Faith, and by offering materials for continuous formation.


Thank You!

Your Support Means Everything

Your willingness to partner with the AFC means everything. Thank you for joining with us in the mission to support families as they grow in holiness, grow in truth, and grow together in Christ. May God reward you for your generosity!