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We invite you to partner with us by contributing to the renewal and expansion of Catholic Familyland. In the last few decades, over 100,000 faithful have come to encounter God's presence, love, and mercy here on these holy grounds. By supporting the AFC's mission, you can be a part of helping to build the future. To donate, click here or call us at 740-567-7700.

Immediate Need

Top Three Capital Projects

St. Joseph Auditorium 

Welcome Center

Cost for Phase 1: $2.1 million

We have entered into an agreement with a contractor for phase 1 of the St. Joseph Auditorium welcome center. The order for the steel building has been placed. We now need to create a construction schedule, however our planned occupancy date is May of 2023.

St. James Field Bathhouse

Upgrade from trailers

Cost: $250,000

We have an architect who will create plans for the second bathhouse at St. James Field, to replace the outdated bathroom trailers. We hope to begin construction after the Totus Tuus Family Conference℠ this year.

St. Francisco Shelter


Cost: $480,000

Due to crowded pavilions, we plan to build a new volleyball pavilion, a new extension on Francisco Porch, and fully connect the roof structures.

Past & Future Projects

you Can help build the future!

Completed Projects

In 2021-2022

• Chapel Roofing
• Auditorium Air Conditioner Repair
• Mama C's Snack Shack Expansion
• Retreat Room Upgrades
• Bathroom Renovations
• Kitchen Upgrades
• New Laundry Room
• New Barn Roof
• New Chapel Windows
• New Conference Room
• Roads and Parking Paved
• New Shuttle Buses
• New E-Bikes
• Repaved Basketball Courts
•New Gravel for Parking Lot
•New Gaga Ball Flooring
• New Pickleball courts
• Upgraded Tetherball
• New 9-Square in the Air

Future Improvements

Next on the list

• Retreat Center Expansion $275K
• New Dorms for Volunteers roughly $4M
• Need 50 New Dwellings TBD
• Future Lodge for Attendees TBD
• AFC President's House TBD
• Water Slide/Splash Pad $83K
• Rebuild the old Waterslides $470K
• Metal Roof Project $470K

Fun Projects


• Huge Jungle Gym at Holy Family Park
• Zip Line at Holy Family Park
• Enclosed Tram for Transporting Guests

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