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For example, you can take a few seconds to share a post on Facebook! Secondly, support us with a financial gift. You could even spend a summer as a missionary, or even dedicate your whole life to God as a Catholic Corps Member. Find a way that works for you.

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Remember a loved one with a beautiful engraved memorial placed in the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site.

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Young People: Change the World!

You can dedicate a summer—or an entire year—in this Catholic family mission. Serve God and families with the AFC as an Alumni Corps or Service Corps missionary!


Discern a Vocation within a Vocation

If you are a married person seeking a structured path to holiness, you might want to explore Disciple Membership.

Give Your Life Totally to God

For Families

Is God calling you to the Catholic Corps vocation? Come work in this Catholic family mission and discern your vocation.

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