Give Your Life Totally to God

For Families

Is Jesus calling you to leave all behind and follow Him? The Catholic Corps  could be for you - it's a Catholic lay missionary vocation.

If you feel drawn to dedicate your life totally to God through prayer and mission, we invite you to take a closer look at the Catholic Corps vocation.

The Catholic Corps are men and women who have consecrated their entire lives to God—through private vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience—and to the AFC’s mission of supporting families in the Faith. It is a life of purpose, joy, sacrifice, and love for God and families.

Maybe God is calling you to join us in this Catholic lay missionary vocation.

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What Our Life Is Like

Catholic Corps


Prayer & Sacramental Life
Our life is centered on the Eucharist, the Holy Family, and fidelity to the Church and her Magisterium. Daily life includes Mass, communal Rosary and morning prayer from Liturgy of the Hours, a personal Eucharistic holy hour, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and a night visit to the Eucharist. Other spiritual practices include: regular confession, formation, day of recollection, and annual silent retreat.


Mission for Families
We believe families are important. As a membership branch of the AFC, we support this ministry to families through our prayers and various roles of service.


Community Environment

We live together in homes, like families do. Committed to the continual growth in holiness of each member, we support, encourage, and care for one another in a life of shared prayer, mission, formation, recreation, meals, gatherings, and retreats.

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Seeking Holiness

through the AFC’s Charism & Spirituality

Our Unique Charism

A • F • C


As a spiritual family, we work together...

for Family: support families in the Catholic Faith...

Consecration: that, with the help of the Holy Family, each person can fully live their baptismal consecration and achieve the holiness God desires.

This charism shapes our entire ministry and is expressed through our spirituality.

Our Balanced Spirituality


Holiness leads to happiness, the true happiness for which we were created: union with God. As AFC Catholic Corps Members, we seek to grow in holiness by living a spirituality of Family Consecration.

Family Consecration is a deliberate choice to live our baptismal promises by entrusting our families to the Holy Family. In this way, we strive to follow Jesus Christ more fully with the help and protection of Mary and St. Joseph.

The Seven Keys for God-Centered Family Living guide us on this journey to eternal happiness with God in Heaven: prayer life, sacramental life, learning the Faith, living the virtues, serving others, sharing the Faith, sanctifying daily duties.

As part of the AFC spiritual family, we are spiritually united with Disciple Members around the world, who are living this balanced spirituality in the middle of daily family life. This is the beauty of our Catholic family missionary vocation.

Meet the Catholic Corps

Men's & Women's Communities

The Catholic Corps community is our spiritual family where we experience the warmth of a home and a family spirit. It is characterized by joy, mutual trust, respect and a sense of belonging.

We support, encourage, and care for one another in a life of shared prayer, mission, formation, recreation, meals, gatherings, and retreats.

Perhaps God is calling you to walk with us in this Catholic lay missionary vocation.

Catholic Corps Women

The Catholic Corps women's family missionary community at Catholic Familyland

Jomel Brondial


Tricia Hauber


Lucy Lu Mai


Renee Scheu


Mary Sue


Carolyn Stegmann


Anna Thompson


Catherine Wall


Elsie Yator

Catholic Corps Men

The Catholic Corps men's family missionary community on vacation together

Greg Becker


Tim Boudreaux


Greg Caspers


Tim Croes


Rory Freiermuth


Anthony Giammarino


Roch Gillmore


Jack Heemskerk

Discernment Process

Catholic Corps Vocation
If you think God might be calling you to the Catholic Corps, or if you’d like to learn more about our way of life, here’s what you can do next.
  • Contact us.

    Click the button below and fill out the form. One of our community coordinators will get in touch with you by email or phone. During our conversation, we’ll ask you to tell us about yourself and your discernment so far. We’ll also answer any questions you might have.

  • Come for a weekend visit.

    A key part of discernment is meeting the community members and experiencing daily life with them. After we get to know you a little over the phone, we can arrange a weekend for you to visit.

  • Come for a “Look See” visit.

    You can come back for a six-week “Look See” visit if you are still interested in our way of life after your weekend visit. This longer visit allows you to really get to know the community and participate in our prayer and ministry. “Look See” visits generally take place in January, April, or November.

  • Invitation to further discernment.

    If you still feel drawn to the Catholic Corps vocation after your six-week visit, we will invite you to further discernment with our community. Entrance to the community happens annually on the first Saturday of October. During this time, you’ll be invited to discern and make a series of commitments along the path to lifelong consecration as a Catholic Corps Member of the Apostolate for Family Consecration®.

    • Six-month commitment
    • One-year commitment, renewed annually over a period of 6–8 years
    • Lifelong consecration through private vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience to God

Discerning your vocation is an exciting adventure that takes time, trust, and a willingness to listen to God’s call. It’s a blessing to walk with you on this journey, even for a short time.

Is God Calling You

to This Life OF SERVICE?

Contact us to speak with someone

about the Catholic Corps!

Or call us at:  1-800-773-2645


Catholic Corps

Catholic Corps Members live and work at Catholic Familyland®—a place set apart for families—in Bloomingdale, OH.

We live in family-style homes with 5–10 people and share meals, fun activities, chores, and prayer together, just like families do.