September 2020 Newsletter | What’s New at CFL: A Place Set Apart for Families
St. Joseph Auditorium Restroom Project

Here’s some good news that families that have attended AFC events at Catholic Familyland® have been waiting for. We are currently preparing to submit our plans for the St. Joseph Auditorium restrooms to the state in order to obtain a building permit. Please pray that all goes well. We also now need to pull the resources to make this a reality. Would you be able to help in funding this project? The architectural estimate for construction costs came in around $585,000. Now that we have detailed drawings, we are obtaining quotes from various vendors in order to obtain a tighter cost estimate. We may end up performing some of the work ourselves, with the help of Members and friends of the AFC. If you can help us with this project financially, physically, or both, please contact [email protected].


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The St. Joseph Work Fest℠ is fast approaching: September 25–27. We have numerous projects that we need help with. Please consider attending and bring a friend! Click here to register.


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The Apostolate for Family Consecration® is a nonprofit organization that supports and challenges Catholic families to grow in holiness, grow in truth, and grow together, so that they can become fully alive in Christ. Through our events ministry, online formation, members, and prayer community, together with your support, we lead families to an encounter with the Holy Family and accompany them in their journey of faith.

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