July 2020 Newsletter



Dear AFC Family,

Do not be afraid! These famous words of St. John Paul II apply even more so today. AFC Chaplain Fr. Kevin Barrett reminds us that these words appear in scripture 365 times. So each day, we have the encouragement to be confident that “if God is with us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31). We invoke the Precious Blood of Jesus, which we venerate this month, to cover us and all families that come here to these holy grounds.

Holy Family Fest℠ Update
We have now completed three Holy Family Fests and will soon be ready for the last two! Even though our attendance is less than we had expected early this year, the families that have attended have experienced a peaceful time away from the crazy world while here at Catholic Familyland®. They have been able to experience the public reign of Christ in a “normal” environment and were equipped to go back out into the battleground and share the message of hope. Many people feel that this is the best Holy Family Fest℠ season ever. Praise God!  READ MORE...

AFC Pillar of Spirituality 

A Terrifying Vision & Promise of a Miracle: July 13 Fatima Apparition

By now, more people had heard the news that a heavenly lady was appearing to some children in Fatima. So on July 13, about four thousand people came to the Cova with Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta. As they finished praying the Rosary, the Blessed Mother appeared.  READ MORE

Any prayer requests? We would love to pray for your intentions.

info@afc.org or (740) 567-7700

AFC Changing Lives

How a Yellow Balloon Made Me Realize That My Service Mattered
By Caroline Burns, 2014 Service Corps Missionary

I began handing out balloons, smiling and making small talk; basically just getting through the job. I think it was a later shift so I had a ton of balloons and not a lot of people to give them to. Then, I saw this lady, and for some reason I thought to myself, “I'm gonna give her a balloon.”  READ MORE


AFC Ministry Update

A repeat question we heard during and after each of the first two 2020 Holy Family Fests was, “Can we come again this year?” Absolutely!  And to help anyone who wishes to attend another Holy Family Fest℠ this season, we are offering a 30% discount on registration and eligible lodging. READ MORE

The Latest on AFC Events

Holy Family Fests Inspire Vocations

Many young people came forward during the final Mass of our first few Holy Family Fests to show their willingness to discern a vocation to the priesthood, Catholic Corps, or consecrated life. Check out this testimony from a courageous young woman! READ MORE


Registered for a Holy Family Fest? 
Holy Family Fests fill quickly so we encourage you to register soon. And bring a friend!

July 25-31     Aug 8-14

What’s New at CFL: A Place Set Apart for Families

Families Enjoy New Recreational Activities

The miniature golf course is complete and was enjoyed by attendees of Holy Family Fests 1, 2 and 3. The first special feature was installed for Holy Family Fest℠ 3. Additional features will be added as time permits.  READ MORE

Membership News

AFC Members & Cooperators Family Dinner Get-Together
by Ann Marie Lapkowicz

This summer during the Holy Family Fests, the AFC leadership team and membership committee are hosting an AFC Members & Cooperators Family Dinner Get-Together and Ice Cream Social. Anyone interested in Disciple Membership was invited to attend. READ MORE


How We Help Families
The Apostolate for Family Consecration® is a nonprofit organization that supports and challenges Catholic families to grow in holiness, grow in truth, and grow together, so that they can become fully alive in Christ. Through our events ministry, online formation, members, and prayer community, together with your support, we lead families to an encounter with the Holy Family and accompany them in their journey of faith.

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