January 2022 Newsletter

Over the past several years, young adults have volunteered at Catholic Familyland during the fall and winter months. They've helped prepare for, promote, and run our events. We're excited to announce that we have formally established this opportunity as the Grow and Prepare (GAP) program. This program is for young adults (19+) who are interested in serving as Catholic missionaries while discerning their future. Participants will enjoy daily Eucharistic Adoration and Mass while studying the Catholic faith in a community of fellowship. Click below for details and to apply.

See AFC.org/GAP
Redeemer Kitchen

Registration Update

For Holy Family Fests

This summer's Holy Family Fests are filling up quickly. We are already at 75% capacity, with over 600 families registered. If your family wants to join us this year for this week-long experience of faith and fun, we encourage you to get your registration in soon! Click here to register.


Join Us For

St. Joseph Work Fest℠

February 18 - 21
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Volunteers have helped us accomplish so much over the years! From building beds to carpeting floors, Catholic Familyland exists today because of volunteers like you.

This February, we anticipate some exciting new projects. Wanna find out what they are? You'll just have to come and find out!


St. Joseph Work Fest
Redeemer Kitchen

Bathroom Updates


The women's bathroom at Holy Family Park got an upgrade to new tankless water heaters!

Phase 1 of the St. Joseph Auditorium Welcome Center is in progress! The COVID situation has caused disruptions in material supply and costs (e.g. the lead time for steel increased from 2 to 10 months). This has increased the cost of phase 1 to $1.4 million. The AFC Board of Directors has approved a budget of $800K to start phase 1 of this project. Our goal is to complete phase 1 (bathrooms, lobby, and gift shop) by May 2023.

Excerpt from 47-second video:

"If you want to be a real man of God, this is the thing to do."

- Peter

(Duc In Altum Youth Retreat℠ attendee)

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