2020 Dates

President’s Day Weekend

Young Men


14 - 17

Young Women


14 - 17

Registration opens in November

Duc in Altum Catholic Youth Retreats
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Be Honest:

Are You Taking Your Relationship with God Seriously?
As a young person today, it can be tough not to give in to what the world says you should think, wear, and do. In today’s world, God is a myth, going to Mass on Sunday is old-fashioned, and praying isn’t worth it.

It’s time to remember the truth.

God is real, and He desires to have a relationship with YOU. At the Duc in Altum, Catholic Youth Retreat, spend some time getting right with God and experiencing how deeply He loves you. This four-day retreat, held over President’s Day weekend, is a great way to get back on track spiritually through the sacraments, connect with old and new friends, and have plenty of fun.

| Separate retreats are held for guys and girls. |

Deepen Your Relationship

with God
  • Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Join the angels and saints in the heavenly banquet.

  • Eucharistic Adoration

    Receive Our Lord’s gaze of love.

  • Sacrament of Confession

    Experience the Father’s forgiveness.

  • Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet

    Grow in faith through these rich devotions.

Build Friendships

& Have Fun
  • Social Time

    Hang out with other young Catholics.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Activities

    Enjoy hiking, football, board games, and more.

  • Inspiring Talks

    Learn who God is and why the Catholic Faith is important.

  • Group Discussions

    Know you are not alone on this journey.

"Put Out into the Deep"

Duc in Altum
The name of this retreat, Duc in Altum, means “put out into the deep.” Jesus said these words to St. Peter when He called Peter to be His disciple. Today, Our Lord also invites you to follow Him. This retreat is an opportunity for you to respond to Jesus’ invitation. It is a chance to leave behind the lies, put out into the deep, and discover the freedom, joy, and love that are only found in a relationship with God. He is waiting for you. Do not be afraid.
“Do not be afraid.
Do not be satisfied with mediocrity.
Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”
Pope St. John Paul II

Previous Special Guests

For 2019 Catholic Youth Retreats

Fr. Wolfgang Seitz, ORC

Preacher for Opus Angelorum
Fr. Wolfgang Seitz is a member of the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross (ORC) and has been preaching retreats and conferences across the United States for more than fifteen years. He has been a priest since 2002. Fr. Wolfgang currently resides at St. Gabriel Monastery in Carrollton, OH.

Sr. Mary Gianna Thornby

Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ
Sr. Mary Gianna is a member of the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, a Franciscan religious Community. She had a life-transforming conversion after surviving the shootings at Columbine High School. She became Catholic at Franciscan University. After graduation, she worked one summer at Catholic Familyland and then went on to serve a year with NET Ministries and attend the Emmanuel School of Mission in Rome, Italy. She currently serves at The Ark and The Dove Retreat Center in Gibsonia, PA, home of Baptism in the Holy Spirit. God has given her a passionate love for life and the desire to help lead others to the fullness of life.

Jack Heemskerk

AFC Catholic Corps Member & Director of Evangelization
Jack was born and raised in Southern California. Since joining the AFC's Catholic Corps in 1993, he has worked in development and computer management. Now, he serves as the Director of Evangelization. Jack is most passionate about giving people a deeper understanding of life and why we are called Christians. His passion for truth doesn't come from knowing about God, but from living in relationship with Him.

Retreat Information

For 2019 Duc in Altum Youth Retreats


Registration $175.00
  • Shuttle to and from Pittsburgh International Airport $10.00
  • The cost of registration includes lodging for 3 nights, meals, snacks, and drinks.

Required Paperwork

After you register, we will ask you to fill out the required paperwork in order to attend the retreat.

You can fax your printed and signed forms to 740–765–5561 or mail them to:

Attn: Registration
Apostolate for Family Consecration
3375 County Rd. 36
Bloomingdale, OH 43910


For 2019 Duc in Altum Youth Retreats

I'm almost 15. Can I Attend?

We’re glad you are interested in coming to the Duc in Altum Youth Retreat!

If you will be 15 by the first day of the retreat, you may attend the retreat this year.

But if your birthday is after the retreat, you’ll have to wait until next year to come.

Required Paperwork

For the Youth Retreat

Release and Indemnification Form

(Required for All)

Authorization of Consent to Treatment of a Minor

(Required for Attendees Under 18)
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Experience God’s Love for YOU.

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