Serve, Pray, & Discern

At Catholic Familyland®

The Grow and Prepare (GAP) program is for young adults who desire to volunteer with the AFC’s mission, grow in their spiritual life, and discern where God is calling them next. The concept of a gap year is well understood, because sometimes you are not sure what God wants you to do next in your life. Catholic Familyland® can provide a unique opportunity for you to take a break from the world in a place set apart to serve, pray, and discern what God wants you to do next.

A Volunteer Year

That Will Equip You for Life
  • GROW in a life of prayer, maturity, confidence, and responsibility.

  • PREPARE for your future by learning effective work habits, how to develop healthy relationships, and ways to evangelize.

Serving at Catholic Familyland

Here’s What to Expect

What You Can Expect

• A quiet environment where you can hear God’s voice and grow in your prayer life
• Meaningful work to grow in practical skills
• A mentor and recommended spiritual director to walk beside you on your journey
• Free time on most evenings and weekends for additional formation, prayer, and leisure
• Room, board, basic personal needs, and local transportation

What You Commit To

• Daily Holy Hour with the Catholic Corps community, Mass, Rosary, and Divine Mercy Chaplet
• Daily work in the AFC’s mission for families
• Assisting with AFC events (may require work on evenings and weekends)
• Meeting regularly with a mentor and a spiritual director
• A 3-5 month period of service, with a review and opportunity for renewal at the end of each period (Sep-Dec, Jan-May, June-Aug)

How to Apply

Young Adult Volunteer Program
To apply, please send a letter of intent with your contact information, age, and availability to [email protected]. Applicants must be 19+ years old, out of high school for at least 1 year, and have a valid driver’s license. If you are a practicing Catholic with a passion for your faith and open to learning new skills, we encourage you to apply!