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Update Infrastructure

Project Estimate: $1,290,000

The Need Is Great

  • Safe roadways
  • Functional restrooms
  • Sanitation treatment facilities

These are not exciting, but they are absolutely essential. This is a very obvious area of need that requires real focus. Modest upgrades have been made for select men’s and women’s restrooms—such as painting, toilet partitions, and showers in Sacred Heart Center—but much more is needed throughout the property.

Work to Be Done

Roadway and parking improvements can no longer be deferred, as paved areas are deteriorating quickly and are past their life expectancy. Restrooms throughout the property are in desperate need of attention.


St. Joseph Auditorium—This highly used facility has no permanent restroom facilities.
St. James Field—We need to construct a second bathhouse to serve this 72-cabin area.
Holy Family Park—Bathhouses were last upgraded in 1998 and have not been touched since.
Redeemer Hall—Restrooms and sanitation treatment facilities are in great need.
Vianney Center—Restrooms and sanitation facilities need attention

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The Revitalization Plan for Catholic Familyland

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