Where do temptations come from?

Mission Lab

Not all temptations come from the devil. Many temptations come from the world around us and from the forces within us called passions. Passions are inclinations towards rebelling against God’s will.

We can conquer temptation, if we want to do so. We gain merit in God’s eyes by conquering temptation, and we grow in holiness. We must, however, have God’s help to make our weak wills strong. His grace, that is, His help, will be given to us if we ask for it, if we receive Holy Communion often, and if we go to confession regularly. Furthermore, we must avoid unnecessary danger—people, places, and things that might lead us to sin. We should also remember the indwelling Holy Spirit who will give us the grace we need to overcome evil. With His help we can remain true to God and refuse the invitation to commit sin.