What does God the Holy Spirit accomplish for the Church?

Mission Lab

Through God the Holy Spirit, the Church is able to accomplish the work of Salvation which Christ gave her at her birth.

The Holy Spirit came in order to remain with the Church forever. At Pentecost, the Church was publicly made known to those gathered in Jerusalem. From there, the Gospel began to spread throughout the nations. Today, the Holy Spirit is still the Soul of the Church’s apostolate. He gives His divine life of grace to the Church.

The Holy Spirit guides the Pope, the bishops, and the priests of the Church in their work of teaching the Faith, guiding souls, dispensing God’s grace, caring for the sick, teaching children, guiding the youth, comforting the sorrowful, and supporting the needy.

The Holy Spirit enables the People of God to know the truth. He prays in them and helps them to remember that they are adopted children of God. He unites the Church in love and worship.