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Take the Challenge: Turn Inspiration into Action

"I love all of these challenges. 

Even one would make a huge difference in our lives."

—Anna Marie M.

As a parent, you want what is best for your family—including the happiness and peace that can only be found in a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church. There are many ways to grow in this relationship that can be fun and engaging for your family. For it to have a positive and lasting impact though, you must turn inspiration into action.

We challenge your family not only to learn the Faith and be inspired, but also to grow in faith and service everyday. Is your family ready to take the challenge and become the family you want to be?

What is the All New Be Not Afraid Family Hour?

The all new Be Not Afraid Family Hour is the easiest way to do family faith formation every month. Each hour-long video brings you top Catholic speakers teaching relevant aspects of the Faith, real Catholics sharing their faith journeys or ministries, and an all new meditative Rosary that brings your family into the heart of the mysteries.

Educational Content

from top Catholic speakers

Inspirational Stories

from real Catholic families

Family Prayer

with all new meditative Rosary

Watch a full-length episode here!

Get Ready to Grow

What makes the all new Be Not Afraid Family Hour really valuable are the 6 Principles Challenges incorporated in every episode. These challenges transform the inspiration provided in the educational, inspirational, and prayer segments into concrete habit-forming activities that you can use to lead your family as you grow in holiness together. Each challenge gives you a practical way to express your love for God and take small steps towards Christ.

So in what area do you need to grow in your spiritual journey? Is it prayer, your sacramental life, living the virtues, learning the Faith, sharing the Faith, serving others, or all of the above? Keep an eye out for the challenges, find one that works for you, and then challenge yourself and your family to grow.

"I've been ministering to...[someone], praying for his salvation. He began to weep and dedicated his life to Jesus the moment he saw the video!"


"I can't help but thank God for the Be Not Afraid Family Hours. They provide solid teaching, prayer, and inspiration for the entire family. What better gift can parents give to their children?"

—Anthony G.

“They are great! We have worked to instill gratitude in all of us by including what we are grateful for in our morning and evening prayers. It also makes a great cure for complaining!”

—Angela M.

“Families have been gathering one night a month at a Knights of Columbus Hall. We have a simple meal and watch a Be Not Afraid Family Hour. Everyone takes a copy of the tracking guide.  It has been a great evening for families!”

—Patrice L.

Take the Challenge Today!

We know how busy you are, but these practical challenges are such a simple way to make your growth in Faith tangible and fun.

And this is just the beginning! So much more is coming and we can't wait to show you! Until then, be among the first to take the challenge.

No matter how you need to grow, you can start today!

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