2023 Dates

For Catholic family retreat weekends

West Point, NY

Aug 18-20, 2023

Monona, WI

February 25, 2023

What is It?

God-Centered Family Fun

A mini Holy Family Fest is an inspiring Catholic family retreat weekend for your family. And the best part, it's in your local area! Therefore, we invite you to come and deepen your relationships with God and your family. You'll have the opportunity to do this through the sacraments, prayer, relaxation, fun activities, and much more.

You Don't Have To Go Far

For Transformative Experiences

Each mini Holy Family Fest is planned, hosted, and run by a local family just like yours! AFC sends support when we are able to do so.

So join in for your local event where you can find other families striving to grow in the Faith! This is a great opportunity to forge supportive relationships that will last a lifetime. Above all, it's a chance to build and strengthen your family's foundation in Christ.

To learn more about your local Catholic family retreat weekend and find out how to register, email us at [email protected]