September 2023 Newsletter
NY, MN, & CO Local Family Events

We just had the first-ever mini Holy Family Fest in West Point, NY. Our staff and chaplains also helped in Minnesota and Colorado alongside the local clergy, religious, and families of those dioceses. In total, we served 121 families (642 people) through these events. We are so blessed to see the message of Family Consecration spreading to other areas of the country. A big thank you to all those who took initiative and helped with these recent family events!

Dad with kid in arms and Bishop at mini Fest

Capital Projects

Two life-sized statues have been added to St. Joseph Conference Center. To accommodate those with physical disabilities in getting to the second floor, we'll soon be installing an elevator. Finally, we're making progress toward building 2 ADA accessible cabins as we've been granted the necessary building permits. Wondering what's down the road?

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10 GAP Volunteers

Eight young ladies and two young men have joined us a for a GAP semester to "Grow & Prepare" for their future. They are taking the opportunity to take a step back while assisting with landscaping, housekeeping, and office work that supports the AFC's mission. They are also enjoying time in prayer and discernment as they join the Catholic Corps for morning prayer and attend daily Mass.
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Listen to what Megan said about receiving healing from Jesus during Eucharistic Adoration at the Laborers in the Vineyard℠ Retreat.

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