September 2022 Newsletter

Mini Holy Family Fests are happening across the midwest. Our staff and chaplains recently lent a helping hand in Minnesota and Colorado, and a few months back, we also helped in Wisconsin and Illinois. We are so blessed to see the message of Family Consecration spreading to other areas of the country. A big thank you to all those who took initiative and helped with these recent mini Holy Family Fests!


7 Holy Family Fests℠!

Since our 6 Holy Family Fests℠ sold out this year, we are stepping out in faith to add a seventh week in 2023. Please invite your friends and family to come to Catholic Familyland next summer. We don't want any family to miss out on this life-changing experience!

Also, keep an eye out for registration opening on Oct. 6.

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Concrete Floor

We finally poured the concrete floor for the new welcome center! The steel building package has also arrived.

Additionally, we just added a freight elevator to our St. Joseph Workshop and put the finishing touches on the Redeemer Hall apartments for visiting clergy.

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"I didn't want to come the first year...That second year is when I really become a Catholic that actually cared about being Catholic. Fast forward to 5 or 6 years later now, this week is really important in my life. Back home, I'm the only the Catholic my age in my town. So coming here, where I have all these great friends my age that are really really Catholic and supportive in actually growing in your faith life... It's fantastic."

- Sean

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