October 2022 Newsletter

It's finally here! The Welcome Center walls and roof have been installed. The final masonry wall will be completed over the next couple of weeks. Please pray that we can continue making progress to complete the rest. However, we're still not fully funded for phase 1 so please consider donating to help complete the project on time. The families coming to our 7 Holy Family Fests next year will really appreciate your support!


Gift a Memorial

178 memorials in our Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site have been dedicated to loved ones. Many remember living and deceased relatives, while others commemorate special anniversaries. All of these are remembered in our daily Masses and Rosaries. A memorial is a beautiful way to invoke the intercession of all those who visit Catholic Familyland for decades to come.

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New Volunteers

We recently welcomed Natalie, Bernadette, Matt, and Matthias to our GAP volunteer program. They have been a big help in preparing for and running our retreats. In addition, they have the opportunity to discern and pray in our beautiful retreat center, with constant access to the sacraments. Those interested in the program can apply to enter in January.

How to Apply

"I'm a Catholic convert and I've learned there's a thing called providence where God makes everything work all together. I gotta say, there are moments here that are unbelievable...One of the speakers said 'Hey, can you hold this bag?' and as he's walking away says, 'Oh, by the way, be careful. In there are the robes of Padre Pio.' I'm not saying that's going to happen to everyone, but you can't come here and not be changed by some moment that's gonna change your life forever."

- Nico

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