MAY 2022 Newsletter

Last month, two visitors came to experience life in our lay celibate communities. They joined in the work, prayer, formation, and community life of the Catholic Corps in order to discern the vocation of serving God and families through the Apostolate for Family Consecration®. Both our 1-week and 6-week "Come & See" guests left with a better understanding of where God might be calling them. Please keep them in prayer as they continue discerning their vocations. Also, if you know anyone discerning their vocation, please invite them to our 1-week "Come & See."


Volunteer Arrival

Our 46 college-age summer volunteers have arrived full of excitement and energy! Right now these Alumni Corps are training and preparing to serve over 4,300 people this summer.

This will be the first summer ever with back-to-back Holy Family Fests. This new schedule will allow us to serve more families than ever before!

If you haven't registered yet for a Holy Family Fest, we encourage you to consider it. We still have campsites available!


Ground Breaking

In April we broke ground on the St. Joseph Auditorium Welcome Center (restroom and lobby). Pipe installation permits have been obtained and the site is being tested and prepared for setting the foundation.

In addition, the St. Joseph Auditorium's new roof is complete, as are conceptual plans for the new bathhouse at St. James Field! Many other projects were completed during our April St. Joseph Work Fest.

"I've been discerning a call to consecrated virginity so it was amazing being around all the women here. They're so inspiring and really cool. To see you guys and spend time with you and assist you with all that you're about." 
- Rory

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