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What do you remember about coming to Catholic Familyland (CFL)?

Maybe it’s a moment of transformation, something hilarious that didn't quite go as planned, a special tradition for you and your family at CFL, or a beautiful moment with a loved one or friend.

Oh, and don't feel the pressure to pick! Share one, or share them all!

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Whatever your memories of Catholic Familyland, keep those memories alive.

Help preserve this place for your kids and grandkids, so that the next generation of your family can benefit from the CFL experience.



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MY  #CFLmemory

About Family

I've been coming to CFL with my family since before I can remember! We would pack up my grandparents van with our bags, games and food and make the long trip to rural Ohio (the last part with the windy road always took the longest!) I can remember spending a lot of time with
grandpa as he watched us go down the waterslides and would get us treats from the snack shack. One time he asked me what I wanted and I couldn't decide. He got me my first root beer float and it was so good! I've loved root beer floats ever since!    -Josh

Keep the memories alive!


MY  #CFLmemory

About Family

At least once, my parents gave each of my siblings and I our own disposable cameras for the week at Catholic Familyland. It was fun going around and taking pictures of whatever we wanted, without a warning not to waste film. If you go through the pictures now, you can tell which ones were taken by a 6, 8, or 10 year old: half a thumb over a picture of the baby in his car seat, a fence with a barely distinguishable goat behind it, an image of a moth on the side of the camper, an off-center picture of our cousins sitting at a picnic table. We had so much fun though. No one's film lasted until the end of the week.    -Stasia

Keep the memories alive!


MY  #CFLmemory

About an Inspiration

The Apostolate, and the people that surround it have always given me joy and inspiration. One time, during a fest week in 2010, on another bus trip to the pool with 15+ kids in toe, I took a moment in the chapel to rest for a moment. And there already was Deacon Randy, praying with purpose before preparing the chapel before afternoon adoration. Already after he had helped setup for morning mass and ensure everything was ready. Deacon Randy is always moving at a lightning pace, while also taking those moments in the day to check on you, to say hi and to give a kind word or blessing. Those moments on the grounds, witnessing the great joy and faith of others still inspires me to this day.   -Shawn

Keep the memories alive!