JUne 2023 Newsletter
16th Annual mini Holy Family Fest in Danville, IL

Last month, we sent four Catholic Corps Members, two volunteers, and AFC Chaplain Fr. Kevin Barrett to help run the 16th annual mini Holy Family Fest in Danville, IL. Families are also helping to keep it running. The Children of Mary Sisters helped run the youth ministries as well. The traditional Rosary procession around the lake and family Holy Hour were a beautiful experience for the families. This year the event also included a rope climbing course called the "Mercy Tree Adventure."

group photo
Eucharistic monstrance
Campfire with kids

Completed Projects

We're excited to say that phase 1 of the St. Joseph Conference Center is now complete! We also finished construction on the confessionals and the Redeemer Hall entry way just in time for the first Holy Family Fest℠.

Your family will be able to utilize these new facilities when you arrive for our events! In the meantime, we put together a recap video of all the projects accomplished over the last year. Thanks to your support and prayers, we've been able to complete a number of projects!

See Completed Projects

human pyramid of Service Corps guys 2023
3 Brothers at the Holy Family Fest

Our Visitors Need Box Fans!

We've received a number of wish list donations—from power tools to office supplies. Thank you so much!

We'll soon have 730 more families here (that's 4,347 people) and we're hoping to provide an even more hospitable environment.

Box fans will help the families stay cool in the cabins—especially in the loft, which can get pretty toasty. And new bathmats will help our visitors feel more comfortable.

Every little bit helps!

Ship Us Box Fans & Bathmats!

We're 97.5% full with 884 families registered (that's 5,186 people). We only have 6 cabins left for the summer Holy Family Fests. Another great option is to rent an RV and register for a campsite. Listen to what Dave and Sandy say about how the Holy Family Fest℠ experience has impacted their faith and family.

Sign-Up for a Holy Family Fest℠

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