June 2020 Newsletter | What’s New at CFL: A Place Set Apart for Families


Get Ready to Tee Off!
The miniature golf course at Holy Family Park is nearly complete. All the carpet is on and most of the borders have been added. We will be adding different obstacles as time permits, but the course will be ready for basic play during the Holy Family Fest℠ season.

If you have a putter you don’t need any more, we could use a few more! The simpler the better. The old-fashioned putters that let you hit in either direction are perfect.


Aeroball Update
The Aeroball units have been moved to Holy Family Park (near the basketball courts) and anchored down in case of high winds. Don’t worry—you can’t miss them!


Alternate Road Project Complete
The alternate road at Holy Family Park is now complete and ready for use. For added safety, we began construction of a fence that starts at the beginning of the new road and runs parallel to the parking lot. The fence will be completed for the Holy Family Fests. If you come to CFL this summer, please remember that traffic will not be allowed on the paved road, with the exception of service vehicles, as it will be reserved for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.


How We Help Families
The Apostolate for Family Consecration® is a nonprofit organization that supports and challenges Catholic families to grow in holiness, grow in truth, and grow together, so that they can become fully alive in Christ. Through our events ministry, online formation, members, and prayer community, together with your support, we lead families to an encounter with the Holy Family and accompany them in their journey of faith.

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