June 2020 Newsletter | Membership


In Russia: Evangelizing in a Time of Quarantine

Eugene and Galina Subachev, our Members in Russia, recently gave us an update on their efforts for the AFC during their time of quarantine. They were able to continue their connections and hold a meeting with other AFC Members in Russia. Eugene reports that Dmitri Korneev, who is an historian, and Michael Korneev, who is a police officer, expressed a desire to renew their AFC Membership for another six months. Their group has been active for many years, using two translated AFC books. They have plans to translate the 7-Day Preparation for Family Consecration booklet into Russian so they can use it in their Holy Family Home Enthronement outreach program. We thank them for their determination to advance the AFC’s mission during these times!

June Life Member Anniversaries

Congratulations to AFC Members who are celebrating the anniversary of their life commitment this month!

Disciple Members
Dr. Kevin & Julia Blau—Commitment date: June 23, 2017 (3 years)
Tani Friedrich—Commitment date: June 24, 1996 (24 years)

Catholic Corps Members
Anthony Giammarino—Commitment date: June 13, 2004 (16 years)
Tim Boudreaux—Commitment date: June 29, 1994 (26 years)

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