JUne 2022 Newsletter

We just hosted our first ever back-to-back Holy Family Fests℠ and received a 96% satisfaction rating! A big thank you to our 81 high school and college volunteers, visiting clergy (including Bishops Joseph E. Strickland and Jeffery M. Monforton), and the multiple communities of religious brothers and sisters who helped us provide this amazing opportunity. A dad of a first-time family said, "The message preached at AFC has given our family a new toolbox full of ideas and weapons to fight this spiritual battle."


More Event Options!

St. Joseph Work Fests℠ are now offered 4 times per year. The following events are now offered twice a year:

• Laborers in the Vineyard Retreats℠

• Duc in Altum Youth Retreats℠

• 1-Week "Come & See"

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Capital Projects

• Finished all 4 pickleball courts

• Renovating apartments for chaplains and visiting clergy

• Finished chapel siding

• Installed new windows in retreat center library and lounge

Wondering what's next?

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"Every year we come here and we get refreshed in our faith. We've had several deaths in our family and it's been a really hard year, but I feel like this has really refreshed our faith and spiritually lifted us all up."

- Danielle & Michael

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