July 2021 Newsletter


June 2021 Newsletter

Catholic Familyland® Connection

Catholic Familyland® Connection

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We invite you to join us for an event at Catholic Familyland® this fall. Click the links below to learn more or register.

St. Joseph Work Fest
September 24-26

Totus Tuus Family Conference
October 8-10

Laborers in the Vineyard℠ Retreat
October 22-24


CFL Improvements

Thanks to several benefactor families, we were able to get new sand for the volleyball courts, upgrade our basketball courts, and add e-bike trail rides for the Holy Family Fest season.

We wrapped up our repaving project last month and are preparing to put new siding and roofing on the chapel at Holy Family Park. In addition, we continue to make progress on the St. Joseph Auditorium bathrooms and the St. James Field Bathhouse.


Family Catechism in a Year

Join the Challenge to Learn Your Faith

We invite you to join families from around the country in learning the truths of our Catholic Faith with a daily question and answer from The Apostolate's Family Catechism. Download the Telegram app and subscribe to our channel to get daily reminders on your phone. The challenge starts on August 15, 2021.

Get daily reminders: https://t.me/familycatechisminayear 

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