Why does Jesus become present in the Holy Eucharist?

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Jesus becomes present in the Holy Eucharist to renew the sacrifice of Calvary in an unbloody manner on our altars, to nourish our souls in Holy Communion, and to remain bodily among us by His Real Presence in our tabernacles.

Faith teaches us that Jesus Christ is truly, really, and substantially present, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, under the veil of the sacramental species of bread and wine, so long as these species continue to exist. Under the appearances of bread, our Lord’s Blood and Soul, as well as His Body, are present. Furthermore, under the appearances of wine, His Body and Soul, as well as His Blood, are present, because in the Holy Eucharist the Body and Blood of the glorified Christ Who is in Heaven are present. In Heaven, the Body, Blood, and Soul of Christ are inseparably united. The divinity of Christ is present under both the appearance of bread and the appearance of wine, because, from the time of the Incarnation, the divinity has been constantly and inseparably united to the entire human nature of Christ.

Jesus remains in the tabernacles in Catholic churches day and night, full of life and in continual action. First, He is always in loving adoration before His heavenly Father. Sublime is the honor which Jesus renders to Him in each tabernacle at all times. His adoration is of infinite value because it is offered by the very Son of God.

Secondly, Jesus occupies Himself at the same time with our dearest interests. He thanks God for us, prays continually for us, and asks pardon for our sins and makes reparation and amends for them. He continually offers Himself in sacrifice to God, and continually pours out His graces upon all of mankind as our Eucharistic Mediator.

The Holy Eucharist continues the life of Jesus among us. Every day He is “born again,” so to speak, in a state that is similar to that of the Incarnation. At the words of consecration spoken by the priest, and under the appearance of bread and wine, He comes upon the altar as God and man.

He renews His public life by His presence everywhere in the world as Teacher, Healer, and Friend. How many miracles are worked in the souls of men through Holy Mass and Communion! How many souls are taught, blessed, comforted, and healed! Now He is everywhere, ready to assist us all as the Son of God, with all of His divine power and infinite love; to radiate His sacred influence upon our souls; and to be the source of all strength, life, and joy.

The mysteries of His Passion are contained in the Eucharist, for It is a remembrance of His Death. Holy Mass is a re-presentation of the Sacrifice of the Last Supper and of the Sacrifice of the Cross.