Why did God the Son come into the world?

Mission Lab

God the Son became incarnate and came into the world: (1) to bring us His own divine life; (2) to save us from sin; and (3) to renew the world.

1. God the Son came into the world to bring us His own divine life.

Born of the Virgin Mary, the Son of God truly became one of us. He was like us in all things except sin. Through the sin of our first parents, the human race lost God’s life of grace. Because of His love for mankind, Jesus brought grace back to us by His life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

2. God the Son came into the world to save us from sin.

By offering His life on the Cross for us, Jesus gave the highest of gifts to His Father. Thus, He redeemed the entire world. Our Lord’s Passion and Death reveals to us the great evil of sin. It was sin that caused His great suffering and agonizing Death. But He took away our sins and made us free to serve God and to reach Heaven with the help of divine grace.

3. God the Son came into the world to renew the world.

Through the Catholic Church, with its truths and sacraments, we are able to keep a life of grace in our souls. With sanctifying grace we are united with God in this world and in Heaven. Through this grace, Jesus is for us the source of eternal life and Salvation; in this way He renews the world.