Who are the angels?

Mission Lab

Angels are pure spirits, that is, beings with intellect and free will, but without bodies. Angels are complete persons without bodies or the need for bodies, far superior to human beings.

God created the angels long before He created man. Angels are immortal. They were given brilliant minds to understand God’s beauty and goodness, and they had free will to praise and love Him.

God created the angels with free will so that they might be able to make acts of love for God, freely choosing to serve Him. Only after they had done so would they see God face to face and enter into that everlasting union with God which we call Heaven.

The Bible tells us that the number of angels is very great. It says, “A thousand thousands served him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him” (Daniel 7:10).

The Bible mentions four important angels by name: (1) Gabriel, who announced to Mary that she was to be the Mother of God; (2) Raphael, who accompanied Tobias on his journey to Media and brought him home safely with a new bride; (3) Michael, who drove the rebellious angels into Hell and who is the special protector of the Catholic Church; and (4) Satan, who is the principal fallen angel that led the rebellion against God.