Where is God the Holy Spirit especially present?

Mission Lab

God the Holy Spirit is especially present in the Catholic Church.

The Holy Spirit gives His divine life of grace to the Catholic Church, making it pleasing to God. He is present to help the Church to carry on the work of Christ in the world. He moves people by His grace to unite themselves in sincere love with God and their fellow men, and to serve Him and one another. By the power of the Gospel message, He makes the Church grow. With His gifts, He renews it and leads it to a perfect union with Christ.

The Holy Spirit is also present outside the Catholic Church in other Christian churches and ecclesial communities. Moreover, He is active in what is known as the Ecumenical Movement, which promotes the union of all Christians in the fullness of truth, as revealed by Christ and His Apostles.

God the Holy Spirit is active as well among other believers. He helps them to seek and find truth and goodness. Moreover, He guides the efforts of the Catholic Church in her relationship with other believers.