What do we gain by confessing venial sins?

Mission Lab

When we confess our venial sins, not only does God pardon them, but we receive an increase of grace and charity which allows for a better disposition for receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and helps us to perfect the Christian life.

The abundance of the fruit which we gain from Holy Communion depends upon the degree of our love, since the special fruit of Holy Communion is an increase of sanctifying grace and the virtue of charity. A person who is habitually guilty of deliberate venial sin or who receives our Lord carelessly or thoughtlessly, receives the same benefits which the sacrament gives to all those who receive, but because of his poor disposition, does not allow these graces to blossom and grow in his soul.

In such souls our Lord does not find the willingness to allow Him to act freely in them. Their union with Christ cannot be perfected because of their vanity, self-love, sensuality, and lack of charity. To receive the most fruit from Holy Communion, we must strive to be free of obstacles to God’s grace. The grace we receive from the Sacrament of Penance helps us to overcome these obstacles.

Though we are a community of believers, we are also a sinful people. God has called us to greatness, but, aware of our sinfulness, we look to Him for understanding and mercy. In the Sacrament of Penance, we humbly appeal for mercy and for the graces we need to live the Christian life according to God’s will. Our Lord gives us the grace we need to love others sincerely and to promote peace and common respect among God’s people.