What did Jesus teach His disciples about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?

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Jesus, the Divine Teacher, taught His disciples about the true God. He told them that He, the Son, is the way to the Father and that by getting to know Him, they would get to know the Father also. Moreover, they would also be able to see the love of the Father in the actions of the Son, because Jesus said that He and His Father are one.

Jesus taught His disciples about becoming sons of God through the gift of the Spirit. Jesus calls us as well to become sons (or children) of God. We do this through a new life which He gives us. This new life is God’s own life, given to us by the Holy Spirit. This is called “grace” or “sanctifying grace” or “habitual grace.” Because Jesus is the Son of God, He is able to give us a share of God’s life and to make us children of God. [Note: When the word “God” by itself is used in Scripture or in the Church’s liturgy, it usually refers solely to God the Father.]