Is Jesus Christ true man?

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Jesus, the Son of God, became a real man, having real flesh, a human body and soul.

Jesus is a man just as we are, with the exception of sin. Jesus felt the joys and sorrows and the pleasures and pains that we feel as human beings. As a man, Jesus had a human mind, a human will, and a physical, mortal body.

Jesus Christ is also true God, Who became man and dwelt among us. St. John says, “And the Word became flesh [i.e., the Incarnation] and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

The ancient Fathers of the Church proclaimed that what Christ took up was our entire human nature, though without our sin. He was directly conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary and was born in the normal course of events. Because of this extraordinary action of God, Mary is called the Blessed Virgin. Christ had no human father. Joseph was Mary’s husband, and acted as virgin father to Jesus during His childhood.

The greatest proof of God’s goodness and love toward us is His gift of His only beloved Son. All love tends toward that which it loves. Jesus, the Son of God, loved man, therefore, He became man. Infinite love and mercy caused Him to leave the Kingdom of eternal bliss; to descend from the throne of His majesty, power and glory; to become a helpless child; to suffer and to die for us, that we might live forever in Heaven. In the crib we see the love of God, as He humbles Himself, so low as to beg the love of our hearts. When He was only forty days old, Mary brought Him to the Temple to offer Him to God as the Victim for our Redemption.