In what ways has God shown His love for us?

Mission Lab

God has shown His love for us by: (1) making firm promises to men; (2) freeing and saving us; and (3) loving each of us with the love of a father and always caring for us.

1. God made firm promises to men.

After our first parents, Adam and Eve, sinned, God made a promise to redeem all men. He kept His promise by choosing Abraham’s descendants (the people of Israel) to be His own special people. He then established the Mosaic Covenant (Old Law), within which were contained the Ten Commandments. The Old Law was the first stage of revealed law and a preparation for the Gospel.

Even though Israel did not live up to the Covenant, God remained faithful to His people. At last, He came among them in the Person of His Son, Jesus, Who made a New Covenant in His Blood by His Death on the Cross.

2. God freed us and saved us.

Through Jesus Christ, God freed us (both Jews and Gentiles) from the power of eternal death and the domination of sin. Through the suffering, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus, we have received grace and God’s own life, and a sharing in His nature. Through Him, we have the hope of complete freedom from sin and the hope of eternal life with God in Heaven.

3. God truly loves each of us and takes care of us as a loving father.

In His love, God has made us His children through Baptism and has prepared for us our eternal home in His heavenly Kingdom.