In what ways did Jesus show His concern for us?

Mission Lab

Jesus showed His divine concern for us by means of His human nature. In His humanity we see God’s love for man. We cannot see God, but since God sent His divine Son to live among us and to save us by His Death on the Cross, we can see how much God really loves us. During Jesus’ public ministry, He worked many miracles to help people.

Jesus loved everyone and spent His life trying to help them in their need, even those who opposed Him. He traveled all over Israel, teaching the people about His Father, His heavenly Kingdom, and the need for repentance. He also taught about the necessity of loving God with one’s whole heart, soul, and mind, and of loving one’s neighbor as one’s self. He loved especially the poor, the sick, and the troubled. Jesus loved sinners and forgave their sins. He offered His life to save all mankind.