How was God especially present in the history of man?

Mission Lab

God’s saving deeds are seen in the history of man and of the world, especially in the life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus, His Incarnate Son.

God was present in ancient Israel through the covenants He made with man. These covenants included the original covenant God made with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Gen 2:7-8, 15-17), the covenant with Noah after the Great Flood (Gen 6:18-22; 9:1-17), the covenant with Abraham (Gen 15:1ff; 17:1ff), the covenant of Mt. Sinai (Ex 19:1ff; 24:8), and the covenant with David (2 Sam 7:1ff; Ps 89:27-38).

The New Covenant in Christ Jesus builds on and fulfills all the previous covenants God made with mankind. It is the Covenant foretold and promised through the prophets (Hosea 2:1ff; Is 42:6; Jer 3:31-34; 32:40-44, Ez 37:26-28; Zec 9:9-17). The New Covenant provides for the fulfillment of God’s universal plan for man. It, once and forever, establishes the eternal, spousal relationship God desires to have with all mankind, collectively and individually.