How should we regard Creation?

Mission Lab

We should regard Creation as the continuing action of God, from the beginning till the end of time, as He brings about the Salvation of men and their destiny.

When we think about the creation of the angels, the universe, and mankind, we should see it as a part of God’s all-powerful action at work in the Salvation of mankind. His great love for man led Him to create and save him. The entire work of Salvation finds its fundamental meaning in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word. That work, beginning with the Creation of the world, revealed itself in Christ’s Incarnation, in His earthly life, and in His Death and Resurrection.

The work of Salvation will be seen at the time of Christ’s second coming in power on the Day of the Lord, when He defeats Satan and his forces, casts the Antichrist and his prophet into Hell, and purges the world of those who bear the mark of the Antichrist.

It will especially be seen at Christ’s final coming in glory at the end of time. This event will finish God’s work of Creation and the
Salvation of man.