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Family Hour Initiative

What is a Family Hour?

Family Hour is time—intentionally set aside each week—for passing on the faith, having fun, and growing closer to God and one another. In the intimacy of their own home, parents lead their family to gather, pray, learn, share, and eat!

Why do parents do a Family Hour each week?

We love our children, and we want the very best for them, which is eternal life in Heaven. We already promised to pass on the faith to our children during our marriage vows and at their Baptism. By God's design, no one else can influence the present moment or future course of a child like parents can.

What impact does it have on parent-child relationships?

A substantial one. Fathers begin to thrive in their identity as spiritual heads of their family. Mothers bloom as the heart of their home. Children grow in faith and trust as they are led to the Truth that transforms their lives. As God intended, a family that seeks Him becomes a refreshing community of life, love, and joy.

What resources does the AFC offer for the Family Hour?

To assist families in conducting their own Family Hour, we produce two separate resources:

  1. The Be Not Afraid Family Hour video that helps families learn the faith and pray together. The first portion of the video develops a faith theme pertinent to the whole family and is followed by a beautifully dramatized, pray-along rosary.
  2. The Family Hour Guide leads families through an interactive experience focused on a faith theme using prayer, discussion questions, short and engaging internet videos, illustrations, storytelling, humor, and games.

How can I get started?

It is easy to get started.

  1. Pick a regular time during the week that works for your family.  
    • Some families find that a set weeknight is far easier to schedule compared to the variability of weekends.
  2. Choose the resource that works for your family: 
  3. Rejoice that you are taking steps to fulfill your role as the primary educators in the Faith of your children.

"[Parents'] role as educators is so decisive that scarcely anything can compensate for their failure in it." -Vatican II