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We’re so excited you’re coming to a Holy Family Fest this summer. The Holy Family Fest can help your family reconnect with God and grow closer together through prayer, formation, and fun activities. Get ready for the Faith to come alive!

Please read through the helpful info below before starting your registration.

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Step 2

Review Event Details

Event: Holy Family Fest

Date: Choose dates below when you’re ready to register

Who It’s For: The whole family

Cost: Cost varies based on number of people and lodging choice. View pricing here.

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Step 3


We updated our registration system this year to make the registration process simpler and smoother for you. Enjoy!

After choosing your lodging (part 1), you will have 45 minutes to complete the rest of the form and reserve that space. If you don’t submit your registration within the allotted time, that space will be made available to other families.

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Fill out the entire registration form (including payment) at one time. There’s no save and return feature...yet!

Double-check that attendee information is correct before moving on to the payment section. You will not be able to edit your registration once you add it to your cart.