Share in the Graces

of This Holy Place

You, your family, and your loved ones uniquely participate in the outpouring of graces through the Holy Family of Fatima Prayer Site when you dedicate a memorial. You will:

  • Be remembered in all the Masses and prayers of visiting pilgrims, AFC Members, and religious organizations spiritually united to the AFC
  • Receive the special blessings promised to those who entrust themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Experience the powerful protection and guidance of the Holy Family

In addition, your gift will bless thousands of other families that come to pray at this holy place. Please join us in this spiritual battle for holy families while there is still time to make a difference!

About This Memorial

This 8”x8” brick, engraved with your personal message, will be placed in the small plaza surrounding the base of the Holy Family of Fatima statue.


for Crafting Your Message

Here are a few guidelines to help you craft a loving message that will fit the size of your brick.

  • Please limit your message to 6 lines (no symbol) or 3 lines (with symbol).
  • Each line should be 15-20 characters. This count includes letters, spaces, and punctuation.
  • To check how many characters your message contains, you can use this online character count tool.
  • Symbols are optional. If you would like to add one, please indicate which symbol you’d like at the bottom of your message. (Available symbols: cross, heart, rose, decorative scroll, AFC Rosary Heart)

Following these general guidelines should ensure that your message will fit on the brick. However, if your message needs to be adjusted, we will contact you before the brick is produced.

Example Message

Short & Sweet

In Remembrance of
Our Consecration to
The Holy Family
June 16, 2000
The Johnson Family
All for!


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