August 2022 Newsletter

Last month, five of our Disciple Members made their life commitments during the Holy Family Fests. This means they've chosen to fully embrace the AFC spirituality and make the AFC their primary ministry outreach. Additionally, Disciple Life Members serve in the governance of the AFC (on the Board of Directors, as President, on committees, etc.). We are grateful for their sacrifices, which give so many families the opportunity to experience this ministry.


Marriage Retreat

Due to many requests, we're hosting a Marriage Retreat on September 16-18. The retreat provides a balance of sacraments and prayers as well as practical talks and discussions to improve your communication with your spouse. It even includes a fun dinner date!

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Future Projects

• Retreat Center Expansion

• New Dorms for Volunteers

• 50 New Family Dwellings

• And much more!

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"Fr. Kevin was up here preaching...and about halfway through the homily I just heard a voice speak directly to my heart saying, 'You would enjoy doing that and you'd be good at it.'"

- Fr. Joe

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