April 2020 Newsletter | What’s New at CFL, A Place Set Apart for Families


Mini Golf Project Tees Off

Big news! This month, we broke ground on the miniature golf course. After some grading and plenty of measuring, we have the first few holes framed in. The rest of the holes should be easier as they all peg off of the first hole. We could still use some putters for the families to use on the miniature golf course this summer. If you have some old putters lying around, or find one or two at a garage sale when you’re able to get out and about again, please consider donating them!


Get Ready with Your Moves!
Aeroball Assembly in Progress.

The Aeroball manufacturer agreed to change our order for 1 four-man Aeroball unit to 2 two-man units, along with four extra trampoline beds, extra pads, springs, and balls. Two of the two-man units are actually more expensive than a single four-man unit, but we got the two-man units as well as all the additional parts for the same price. The reason we did this is that the manufacturer had the two-man units in stock in their Utah location. The four-man unit was still waiting to be shipped from overseas, and we did not want to risk an untimely arrival.

The Aeroball units arrived on Monday, April 6. They were assembled in St. Joseph Auditorium and are ready for play once the summer weather arrives. Get ready to try out this fun game!


Can’t Survive Without Water!

A project that we are very excited about is the expansion of our water supply at Holy Family Park. We plan on doubling our capacity by adding two additional storage tanks and expanding the pump house. This does not sound as exciting as some of the other projects, but when you want to shower or flush a toilet, this expansion will help to ensure that you are not disappointed.

The winter weather is finally breaking, so we are now able to get going on these projects. Please say some prayers that all projects go smoothly and that they will be completed on time. We have a lot to do in a very narrow window of time, but be assured that we will do our best to have CFL ready for your arrival.

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