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Will you Purposefully Grow Together or Accidently Grow Apart?

Passing on the Faith
Confidently Winning your Child's Heart

Help us to support parents in making the right impact now, while their children are most receptive, and there is still time to make the difference!

Each day, parents engage the battle for the hearts and minds of their children - either gaining ground or losing it.

Our mission is to support parents in fulfilling their most crucial mission. Thousands of parents confidently take up the role of passing on the faith in their family after being touched by this ministry. With your help, we are working to exponentially increase that number.

Make a difference!

Your financial gifts enable us to create relevant faith formation resources, launch critically-needed family support groups, coordinate transformative family retreats and lead families to the spiritual protection of consecration.

Parents: the Crucial Role

Who gives a child a sense of value and shows him that he matters?

Who shows a child what is true, and truly good?

Who fosters a child's identity as a son of God, loved from all eternity?

Mom, Dad, your role is indispensable.
You have the unique gift and capacity
to mold your children.

By God's design, no one else can influence the present moment or future course of your child like you can. Society lies to your son and deceives your daughter. Happiness is promised apart from God. At the same time, voices in our culture try to belittle and sideline parents. By rendering you ineffective, your children become easy prey.

Make the Difference Today

Grow together. Grow today.

This is how parents are turning around their families
and finding the joy God intends for them.

Join us and learn more about this movement that empowers parents
to fashion a vibrant family life.

Our Founder, Jerry Coniker made the case for supporting the Apostolate for Family Consecration (AFC) in a very succinct way: "the ultimate vision of the Apostolate for Family Consecration is a civilization of love, life and truth, a society where neighborhoods are God-centered, where parishes are vibrant, where Catholic culture abounds, and within which are consecrated families who love the Eucharist, Our Lady and the Papacy."

Make a difference!

Since 1975, the AFC has produced faith formation resources, initiated family groups, conducted events and offered a powerful spirituality to support parents in building families of great faith!