Gwen Coniker would often say that Jerry was the Noah of our times, building an ark for families in response to prophetic-like stirrings placed in his heart and mind. We continue to see so many of these things play out in our culture as the attacks on marriage and family have escalated to a point beyond belief.

This ministry is needed now more than when it was first founded. It is a privilege to share the love of Jesus with families. While it is hard work, we are all missionaries and the call of the Gospel to “make disciples of all…” is something that is alive and well here at Catholic Familyland. The lives and souls touched are beyond measure.

These souls then go out and touch others back in their communities. This spiritual power exceeds our understanding, but we see the fruits. With love and vigor, we march forward as lovers of our Lord.

We pray that the graces, mercy and love that flowed most abundantly on June 12, 2015, continue throughout this 40th year. May we allow ourselves to be broken, so that the Lord within us may increase evermore, and that those we meet, meet Him.

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