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Creating God-centered family time is the best way to fulfill your mission of passing on the Catholic Faith to your children. That can be a big job, so we’re here to help you get started.

With our FREE Catholic Resource Portal, you can Bring Holiness Home. Creating enjoyable, interactive, and prayerful family time can be easy and fun. Use this growing collection of videos, books, and other media to help you lead your family closer to God.

Be Not Afraid Family Hours

Formation Video Series

Learn the Catholic faith, pray together, and grow as a family with this 18-part video series. Each episode includes educational content from top Catholic speakers, inspirational stories from real Catholic families, a meditative Rosary, and practical challenges to help you apply the faith at home.

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Please consider making an act of consecration through one of the available programs out there, and use this booklet as a supplement. Please allow this booklet, and the other booklet in this series, to be an aid for you that can help you along the way, as you deepen your relationship with Christ. God bless you.

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Family Catechism

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Video Archive Series

Encyclicals & Formation

Watch classics from our archives. Featuring Francis Cardinal Arinze, Dr. Scott Hahn, and other Church teachers.

Bible Studies | Devotions & Catechesis | Encyclicals by JPII |  First SaturdayHome Enthronement | Sacraments and Saints | Spirituality Transformation

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