November 2022 Newsletter

We're excited to announce that Randy Christensen was re-elected as AFC President for a 6-year term during our recent General Assembly. The weekend gathering of more than 70 AFC Members was a beautiful celebration of the growth of our mission. In addition to electing the AFC President, our Members voted on changes to our governing statutes.


Pictured above: Randy Christensen being sworn in as AFC President, accompanied by his wife Diane.

Advent Retreat

Due to a number of requests, we're hosting an alternative to our silent retreats. This Advent Retreat is not a silent retreat and therefore provides a more interactive experience. Enjoy the sacraments and prayers as well as small group discussions and socializing. We're also really excited about what the TOR sisters have to share!

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National Catholic Register

The National Catholic Register recently published an article about the AFC written by Alex McKenna, a graduate of Franciscan University who grew up coming to Catholic Familyland®. The article highlights our ministry's growth since the COVID-19 pandemic and our ongoing efforts to support families to grow in their Catholic Faith.

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"Going on this discernment retreat provided me the time and the resources to truly just be with the Lord and be in His presence and His love. I was reminded ultimately of my worth in His eyes and how He truly just wants what's best for us. I'm really thankful that the Catholic Corps didn't pressure us. I could genuinely tell they just wanted us to find God's will for our lives. I strongly encourage anyone who is wanting to get to know the Lord more and what His will is for them to come out to a retreat like this. Just have that quiet time to hear God's voice, to be in His love and be in His peace.

- Jenna Mae

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