January 2023 Newsletter

It's really coming together! The Welcome Center second floor, staircase, and drywall have been installed. The water treatment facility and elevator will be completed over the next couple of months. Please pray that we can continue making progress to complete the rest. This project is not fully funded for phase 1 so please donate to help complete it on time. The families coming to our 7 Holy Family Fests this summer will really appreciate your support!


On the Road Again

To spread the word about the AFC's ministry, we set up a table at both the Encounter Conference in Michigan and the SEEK conference in Missouri. We enjoyed meeting the attendees and telling them about the AFC's events and resources. Right now we're gearing up for the March for Life (happening tomorrow), along with the Wisconsin mini Holy Family Fest (Feb. 25).

Please pray that the AFC's message will reach the hearts and minds of more families.

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Duc in Altum Youth Retreat℠

We have 7 speakers lined up for the upcoming February Duc in Altum Youth Retreat℠. This is a great opportunity, especially for those teens who didn't make it to the fall Youth Retreat.

As always, parents and others are welcome to stay the weekend for the St. Joseph Work Fest℠. We greatly appreciate those who can help prepare food or work on other projects around Catholic Familyland®. Join the fun!

Duc in Altum Youth Retreat Schedule

"Last night, when I was singing along with the praise and worship and we were singing Only You, I realized that I didn't really mean the words. Because what I really meant is 'Okay, I want You, Jesus, but I want a husband and kids too. And if I can't have a husband and kids then I'm not happy.' But that's not what the song is saying. I would love to be married and I would love to have kids, but even if He doesn't give me that, He is enough." Watch the rest of the story.

- Caitlin

Upcoming Retreats

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